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Dinner at Diwali Party

Kids Diwali Party

When we enjoy celebrating festivals with our loved ones, we should not forget that underprivileged children too have feelings. When Prayaas – EkKoshish, an NGO which looks after underprivileged children, came to us and shared their dream of enjoying a Diwali party, we empowered their festive celebration. When these children collectively said “Thank you, Big Brother”; our hearts were filled with joy and pride.

Bed Sheets Delivered at Hospital

When we came to know about the serious condition of Master Kavish Raut, who was suffering from extreme fever and had entered a state of shock and memory loss, we facilitated the best of treatment for him in Surya Hospital, a fully charitable hospital for treating children. He has now fully recovered and is leading a healthy life.

Right from its inception, Big Brother has played a critical role in helping innocent lives battling serious disease. Master Dilip Chaudhary was suffering from acute pneumonia and his parents were facing a challenging situation for lack of funds. Like a true big brother, we stepped in and ensured timely treatment.