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True to its name, Big Brother plans to initiate rural employment generating projects in the areas of farming, animal breeding and creating handicrafts. This will ensure financial independence for village folk and help them become financially independent. We will educate them on the benefits of using modern technology for farming for optimizing the quality and quantity of the agricultural produce.

Little hearts that are beating but will not survive for long now look towards their big brother with a ray of hope. We will sponsor the heart surgeries of these innocent children and ensure that they get a chance to live their dreams. They say that civilization cradles in the arms of a mother.

We will empower little girls with proper nutrition and adequate education, so that they become the foundation of a stable and prosperous India.

Knowledge is Power Big Brother Foundation


“VidyaParamBalam” – “Knowledge is supreme strength”. It is our core belief that education is the best weapon in the fight against poverty. We will empower rural children with ‘VidyaShastra’ – the power of education, so that they become financially independent, make better decisions and take charge of their destiny. Psychologists worldwide hold the view that the problem solving capability of an educated person is more refined than that of an uneducated person.

Rural Property Big Brother Foundation


India lives in its villages. Progress in villages will be the true progress of India. Big Brother is committed to playing a critical role in uplifting the socio-economic level of rural India, by embarking on a massive social development mission of 100 villages across India. Today, these villagers are facing basic survival issues like scarcity of water and spread of disease due to an unclean environment. Big Brother promises to change this by bringing clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities in these villages. Our rural employment generating schemes will change the economic landscape of these villages and endow the villagers with abundant prosperity. We will achieve this mammoth task by 2018.

Our forests play an important role maintaining ecologicalbalance. The rapid deforestation that has happened in the previous decades has left a serious impact on our country’s green cover. Big Brother will initiate a project for ensuring sustained development of our forests, which will gradually lead to an increase in the green cover and achieve significant ecological balance.

Diverse cultures Big Brother Foundation


India is a cradle of many religions and diverse cultures, and its people proudly profess different religious and mythological beliefs. These beliefs propel the devout to painstakingly navigate the length and breadth of the country for visiting different religious and pilgrimage centres. One such important pilgrimage which devout Hindus undertake is visiting the 12 sacred jyotirlings at least once in their lifetime. As these jyotirlings are present across the country, visiting these religious destinations poses several problems for the elderly pilgrims and often results in unfortunate mishaps, most of which are avoidable. Also, travelling large distances takes up a lot of time and results in exhaustion.

For ensuring the convenience of devotees and enabling them to perform this sacred pilgrimage, Big Brother is embarking on a mission for developing a one-of-its-kind centralized pilgrimage destination in Nashik. This destination will house all the 12 jyotirlingsfor offering the convenience of a one-stop darshan for the pilgrims. This will ensure that the devotees do not have to travel for miles across the country for performing their religious duty and reaffirming their faith.

100 Hearts Big Brother Foundation

100 Hearts

Big Brother Foundation Founder Mr. Sachiin Joshi donated Rs.1000/- for every run scored in the CCL, the amount was donated to Hrudaya Foundation towards the treatment of heart surgeries for 100 less privileged children.

Nepal earthquake relief support Big Brother Foundation

Nepal earthquake relief support

Big Brother Foundation extended their support for Nepal to provide relief and support to the victims of the calamity. Big Brother was successful in providing relief and aid to more than 750 families in the remote where no local government bodies or NGO’s had reached. Food packets, Bottled water, medical aid, tents, tarpaulin were provided to those in need.