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Big brother Foundation Reaches to Help Underprivileged Children

An exclusive event was organized for under privileged children at SHED, Sunder nagar, Mahakali caves road, Andheri (East) on the occasion of Miss. Parinistha Joshi’s birthday celebration. Instead of going for big page 3 party she reserved her day for those who needed her support. It was a joint initiation from Big Brother Foundation to support education of 100 under privileged children by donating INR 420000/-


The function also had fun activities where the kids mingled with Parinistha Joshi and Mrs. Raina Sachiin Joshi. They performed dance shows and entertained everyone with their drama. Cake was distributed among children after all singing and dancing activities. Big Brother Foundation has organized it as a part of their vision. Few months back they have also supported Nepal victims to resume their lives with basic necessities.

Big Brother Foundation was formed in 2012 with a motto of “To liberate rural women and children, from the shackles of malnutrition, illiteracy and unemployment. And improve their quality of life.” They have been actively working towards improvement with zest and passion to make a difference in society and bring change in lives of as many as possible.

Today we need more social work like this to encourage high profile people to participate in such social causes than just waving hand at underprivileged children. With more such initiatives we can expect a better society and bright future for those who are living at darkest hour of their lives.

For additional info, go to www.bigbrotherfoundation.com